PAP measuring


Did you know that drilling an reactive bowling ball without measuring the current PAP point is like driving a car with your eyes closed?
If the driller doesn´t know where the player´s PAP is, he places the grip "somewhere". This "somewhere" may be OK, but usually it´s not OK and never optimal.

Why is necessary to remeasure the PAP before drilling of new bowling ball?
Because the position of the PAP is constantly changing. At ProBowling proshop, we measure the PAP before each drilling of the reactive balls. We found out thet even advanced players´ PAP shifts by more than 1" in less than 1 year period.

And why do we need to know this position?
So that we can set the appropriate hook shape and strength. We definitely want to avoid the inappropriate distance of the pin from the PAP so that the ball can use the energy of it´s core. The pictures bellow show how we measure this point.