Scandal/S 15 Lbs

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Maker: Hammer
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The new Scandal/S is everything you loved about the original Scandal and more. With the Semtex Hybrid CFI coverstock finished at the same surface as the original Scandal, you will get that same strong mid-lane motion you loved from the Scandal but with more pop on the backend.

With Hammer's patent pending carbon fiber infused outer core, the Scandal/S carries Hammer's industry leading three year warranty.

Bowling ball is undrilled

For reservation of drilling ball please call: + 420 602 709 496 or send us e-mail:

Jádro Scandal (Symmetrical)
Reakce Aggressive Mid-Lane w/ Continuous Backend
Povrch Semtex Hybrid CFI
RG 2,48
Diff 0,054
Barva Blue Pearl/Red Pearl