Blue Tank 13 Lbs

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Blue Tank

Microcell Polymer (MCP) is back by overwhelming demand! MOTIV® is featuring this special cover technology along with the Halogen™ V2 core on the new Blue Tank™. It offers the most traction with the greatest continuation ever seen from a ball featuring MCP technology.

MOTIV® invested a massive amount of research and development to engineer this new MCP shell and is excited to introduce Frixion™ M3 (Mark 3) Pearl.It is designed specifically for use when traditional urethane covers are not quite strong or continuous enough. It gives the Blue Tank traction in higher volumes of oil while displaying a more traditional urethane shape than the Tank Blitz, which was previously the strongest MCP ball.

The Halogen™ V2 core was chosen for the Blue Tank™ to help provide more traction in the oil than the very low differential cores often used in traditional urethane balls.It has a high RG yet enough differential to produce more flare when strong layouts are used.It can also be drilled with a low flare layout like many traditional urethane balls. This versatility is what makes the Halogen™ V2 core perfect for the Blue Tank™.

Bowling ball is undrilled

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Diff 0,024
RG 2,63