Price and Options Of Transport

Options of Transport

Delivery by DPD company

Price per package
(max. 31,5 kg)
Price for
on delivery payment
Limit for
free delivery
Czech Republic
115 CZK
25 CZK
1 000 CZK
9,60 €
1,96 €
60 €
14,30 €
100 €
14,30 €
100 €
14,30 €
100 €

Prices are incl. VAT.
Delivery to EU country not mentioned above is up to individual agreement.
We don´t deliver out of EU.

Personal pick up - free of charge
Your order will be prepared at our company headquarters: HPM TEC, s.r.o., Herbenova 869/42, Hustopeče, 693 01, Czech Republic.
You can pick it up anytime from Monday till Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Here you can pay by card (CZK). In cash we accept CZK and EUR.

Methods of Payment

Cash on delivery - see the table above
You pay to the courier by cash or by card in moment he delivers your order.

Wire transfer - free of charge
After receiving your order, you get e-mail summary with payment information. After receiving your payment, we make the invoice and send the order. You will get e-mail notification about shipping.

Payment gateway - free of charge
Quick payment by card.

Goods Dispatch

We ship your orders in cooperation with DPD courier company.
In case you order in work day till 2 p.m., we send your order the same day. If we receive your order after 2 p.m., we will send your order next work day.

Shipments are dispatched in accordance with the General Terms of Delivery of HPM TEC, s.r.o.
Shipment service is by DPD every working day until 6 p.m.