Hy Road Nano 14 Lbs

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Maker: Storm
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Bowling Ball HY-ROAD NANO, Storm

This year marks the ninth year the Hy-Road has enteredthe fray with some grand stories to tell. This franchise is the ultimate baseline weapon providing easy access to power and reaction ideal for the modern game. Every ball in the Hy-Road family is armed with Inverted Fe2 Technology to give the wielder even more power and control due to enhanced dynamics. It doesn't get much better than a Hy-Road coupled with Nanotechnology.

Bowling ball is undrilled

For reservation of drilling ball please call: + 420 602 709 496 or send us e-mail:

Jádro Inverted Fe2 Technology (Symmetrical)
Barva Black/Purple
Flare 5-6" (High)
Povrch NRG Solid Reactive; Factory Finish: 2000-grit Abralon
Diff 0,037
RG 2,58
Durometr 74-76 Rex D-Scale
Vůně Coconut Marshmellow